Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marta Peterson

Before joining Bleeding Through, Marta is a personnel Cauterize the Womb.
In this band, he gets the same role, as a keyboardist.

Marta went bleeding through the year 2004.
Only moments after the band's record finished, This Is Love, This Is Murderous.

When Marta joined, this girl instantly insert elements and industrial metal gothic metal.
And the influence is stronger when the band released The Truth in the year 2006.

Although joined together four years of this American band, Marta had experienced Near Death Experience.
Bleeding Through occurs when undergoing promo in 2005.
The bus they were traveling crashed.
Martha survived, but the scratches on her upper lip until now could not be lost.
So the memories that always reminded of death was an accident.

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